Congratulations-you have reached the end of this book and are well on your way to enhancing your skills as a social work management student or practitioner. At this point, I encourage you to review what you have learned and seek to apply some of the concepts by doing the following. First, in the following section, I have included the key points from each chapter in one convenient location for your review. If there are any points that continue to be unclear, you may want to revisit the chapter in which that key point was discussed for further exploration. In addition, I encourage you to work through the suggested learning exercises at the end of each chapter if you have not done so already. These have been designed to specifically test your knowledge on some of the most important concepts introduced in this book. Finally, there is a case profile, including discussion questions and a full business plan included as an appendix to this book. Exploring this case would be a good way to apply many of the concepts presented in this book. Now, let us quickly review the book’s key points.