The primary aim of this chapter to introduce business planning social work managers. Specifically, this chapter reviewed the need for business planning in today's competitive human service environment. A business plan is essentially a tool with which a social work manager can demonstrate capacity sustainable program management-both the ongoing financial soundness of the program and the achievement of social outcomes from the program-and therefore raise funds from social investment-oriented funders. ABC Counseling, In., founded in 1990, is a non-profit organization that provides outpatient mental health counseling to individuals with low incomes in the Boston area. A marketing plan or roadmap is presented as how the program idea will be brought to market and actually sold to customers, clients, donors, and the like. The financial plan section of the business plan document is probably the most important to portray clearly and realistically. The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) an intermediary venture philanthropy-type organization that funds and helps to develop social enterprises.