Rebecca Blood, one of the first bloggers, wrote in a September 2000 post that by keeping a blog, a writer becomes more assured. A blogger, wrote, "by virtue of simply writing down whatever is on mind, be confronted with own thoughts and opinions. Blogging every day becomes a more confident writer". Rosa has blogged regularly since 2000, when the Brazilian blogosphere "was like maybe 10 people". For the last decade, primarily written a food blog titled Chucrute com Salsicha, the name of a recipe found of her mom's. However, still maintains her original blog. Amy Senk works 40 hours a week and sometimes more as a blogger. A former newspaper reporter, Senk decided in 2009 to start a local news blog for Corona Del Mar, the seacoast town in Southern California. Journalism tradition has long given the name "gatekeeping" to those in the newsroom who vet the quality and value of information that flows to the public.