Writing about everyday life does not mean looking in the mirror and telling the world why people look so good in red or what you think is cool today. It's an exercise in sharing honest experience, not ego or narcissism. The author Jerry Lanson came to understand the power of universal connections in the 1990s when he wrote a column called Muddling Through Midlife for the Syracuse, New York, Post-Standard. He, his family members, and his dog Murphy often serve as the characters in his pieces for The Huffington Post. Kelcey Kintner, a former journalist, author, and mother, keeps an active blog called The Mama Bird Diaries. Her blog, filled with advice, is casual, colloquial, and often funny. Roshni Chintalapati writes about everyday life: her own as an Indian American Mom, the blog's name. Sometimes, it feels like many blogs become big over a post that went viral or because young bloggers have thousands of Facebook followers.