Travel bloggers have a choice and can submit their work to places that publish paid or unpaid freelance work from Lonely Planet to Huffington Post. Or they can set out to write their own blog and scramble to build an audience. The author Jerry Lanson had read Leffel's admonition before he headed to France for six months in January 2014. He blogged about travel for free at Huffington Post. If the experience was humbling and it was even more gratifying. On the road, the main character of a blog often becomes the writer himself. Since travel involves surprises some pleasant, some funny, some embarrassing or uncomfortable it helps for that traveller, to show some humility. Journalism demands a high standard of ethics. Most large news organizations prohibit staff from accepting any gifts of significant value, any food that they cannot consume at a sitting or anything that will compromise their ability to write what they discover, without fear or favour.