Suppose I have in my hand a most beautiful rosy apple, and laffer it to you to eat. Y ou ask where I got it. From one of those apple-trees in the graveyard-fruit-trees thrive very well in graveyards, you know. You da not want it? You will not eat it? What is the matter with it? It is as good as any other apple. It has the same acids, the same sugars, the same rosy skin and luscious pulp, the same chemie al composition, and yet you will not eat it. WeIl, I will not press you. Drink this glass of water instead. Where did I get the water from? I can assure you it is very special water indeedhighly purified. I went to-day to asewage works, and there I saw it heing purified hy a new biological proeess. Y ou would hardly believe it to look at it, hut it came from a repulsive, evil-smelling mush, and now it is guaranteed absolutely pure, free from hacteria or any form of contamination. What! Y ou

will not drink it? WeIl, you are foolish, it is r~ally cleaner and purer than the stuff that comes out of your tape If you knew that the water that comes out of your tap, the water that you drink with such relish. . . . What, you do not want to hear? How extraordinary! When Iassure you that this water is chemically and biologically pure, you will not drink it, and when 1 propose to tell you about the water you do drink, you would rather go on drinking than know the truth. It all seems very illogical!