Here we have the crux of many a teacher’s issue with the day-to-day job of teaching. Control.

Have you ever watched somebody effortlessly glide through a lesson with every student fully engaged on task and apparently enjoying the whole experience? Ofsted have. And, having been in a number of schools during Ofsted inspections, I can confidently report the teaching and learning during that time is amazing. Schools always get stressed about student behaviour during an inspection and, more often than not, very little really happens. I was once drafted into a school during inspection week to be on hand to ‘fight fires as and when needed’ and held my breath in anticipation. As it turned out, I wasn’t called upon once and at the time I wondered what had happened to the usually quite challenging students. Some years later, and having witnessed what I can only describe as ‘Ofsted-induced school harmony’ break out in the wildest of terrains, I began to get it: during inspections I noticed two very different and abnormal occurrences. The first being that the students are choosing to behave.