In Chapter 6 there are a number of ideas about how to make your herpetarium easier for its inhabitants, but much of what you can do relies on your relationships with your students and that is something you need to work on and invest time in. Silly question: do you know all of their names? Do you pronounce them correctly? I once scribbled basic notes about each student: small, curly hair, odd-looking eyes etc. help identify members of my new form class during registration. Worked brilliantly until the day we started with an assembly and I found myself staring in vain at the long line of unidentifiable profiles stretching away from me . . . ah yes, of course, students can sit sideways too. So, in essence, notice each of your students. Be kind to them, no matter how many of your buttons they might try to press. They, like you, are just working with what they’ve got and they may be having a life of terrible troubles, in which case you do want to help. You will want to be a kindly face in their day, someone they can joke with when the opportunity arises. Someone who understands them well enough to keep their comments out of the public arena when the homework looks like it has been done walking across the playground on the way to your lesson.