This chapter discusses of Hillyard's concept of 'suspect communities' and has considered ways in which, not only the state, but also popular discourse has coalesced around suspicion of certain minority groups, their cultures and ways of life. Pantazis and Pemberton have applied the concept of 'suspect community' to the treatment of Muslims in the UK after 2001, The legislative framework, which developed in response to the perceived new threat of terrorism, As a consequence, it has been argued that a 'securitisation agenda' dominated UK and US government policies. Ghettos were the places which contained probably the first ever 'suspect community' and to terrible effect. The concept of the 'black ghetto' does not translate to the European context. The chapter is important to understand the ways in which disparities of wealth can set up physical and social barriers. Hillyard's concept of 'suspect communities' to include the experience of Muslim communities post 2001.