From 15 to 17 October 2011, the villagers of Pinchollo in Colca Valley went up to the Hualca Hualca Mountain, their main water source. This mountain rises 6025 metres above sea level, and is one of the most powerful Apus in the Colca region, since he provides several villages with water. The local irrigation Commission organized the event, and apart from the farmers, several local authorities took part: the mayor, the justice of the peace, and the leader of the peasant community. When the leader of the Irrigation Commission presented the offerings to the mountain, he asked Hualca Hualca not to forget them, to give them more water and to protect the people of the village. On their way down from the mountain, women and men used their shovels to clean the earthen canals so that the water could flow more easily down to the village and the cultivated fields.