Two fisherwomen, Mama and Moana, a group of kids and they are heading to Koromiri, an islet in Muri lagoon on Rarotonga's eastern side. During fieldwork on environmental changes in this area, people pointed to these women for their intimate knowledge of the lagoon. If consumed, it causes severe gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms known as the fish poisoning Ciguatera. Assessments from regional organizations working with disaster management, climate change, and environmental care certainly more than indicated that this was the case. Stressing the constant changes in the landscape and in the ways islanders and tourists used the lagoon, they agreed with scientific assessments often stating that lagoons are highly dynamic environments. They guided into new areas of the lagoon, shown dozens of species of marine life, and Mama and Moana shared delicious foods and detailed observations with us all along. Many interacting movements are presently creating a surplus of reference points in sands, reefs, currents, marine animals, islets, and people.