The activities of the households are they social, productive, or religious, follow the rhythms of the year. Sowing must be performed at exactly the right time the maturation of the crops coincides with the end of the rainy season. Festivities mark solstice, the coming and going of the rain, harvest and sowing. Being an agriculturalist is fundamentally a matter of timing: it matters a lot when one choose to sow their fields, when they choose to harvest. In the altitudes, it becomes more complicated, as practices of irrigation, otherwise used to extend the cycles of agriculture, potentially are putting the crops in peril. The weather in the Andes has always been capricious. Droughts are not unheard of, and the people in Recuay could tell of years with hardly any rain. The shifting patterns of precipitation, alternating directions of the winds, and new intensities of the temperatures each challenge the practices of timing that are embedded in the rural lives.