Climate projections for the Pacific Ocean show that in 2090, air temperatures will increase around 1.5-3.0 degrees Celsius. No doubt 2090 seem far away to most, if not all, Pacific islanders, yet in climate projection this is obviously a meaningful time frame. Plenty of time is needed to discern the temperature changes. The numerous projections are stretching actual planning and the imagination of several decades beyond usual time horizons in national and personal contexts. New time frames are entering life worlds already occupied with a multiplicity of temporalities. Religious beliefs, ethical values, personal concerns and hopes and different types of historical awareness all have their temporalities that are not necessarily easy to reconcile with climate change projections. However, many more calendric temporalities are embedded in family life such as 21st birthday celebrations, the annual dance competitions, worship, community work days, and seasonal activities such as canoeing and picnics.