The self-determination theory, one of the most respected theories on human motivation, was originally developed by Professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan and suggests that three elements combine to nurture intrinsic motivation such as autonomy, competence and relatedness. Many other reports and research related to education, including from the National Research Council, generally concur that the few elements are critical for the kind of environment that should be created for students. Providing students with freedom of choice is one strategy for promoting learner autonomy. Educators commonly view this idea of choice through the 'lens' of 'organizational' and 'procedural' choice. This chapter contains a "mini-lesson" on deliberate practice and is connected to the previous goal-setting and grit lessons. There is an extensive lesson on deliberate practice in Self-Driven Learning related to reading and writing, but this mini-lesson is entirely different. It can be taught on its own, and should follow the goal and grit lessons in this chapter.