Oetting et al. , 1995) : (a) stimulation of interest-the recognition of need for a new idea within the community; (b) initiation-the proposal and promotion of a new idea by community members; ( c) legitimiza­ tion-the decision by community members to do something; ( d) decision to act-the development of a specific plan of action; and ( e) action-the implementation of a plan of action. Rogers' ( 1983) diffusion of innova­ tions model describes the innovation decision-making process, which also includes five stages: (a) knowledge-an individual learns of an inno­ vation' s existence; (b) persuasion-an individual forms a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward an innovation; (c) decision-an individual makes a decision to adopt or reject an innovation; (d) implementa­ tion-an individual puts the innovation to use; and (e) confirmation-an individual decides whether or not to use the innovation again.