N ew York City Is A Cultural Set Of Sights, Sounds, And Aromas, Which vary according to the creativity of the diverse ethnic and racial groups that are its contemporary inhabitants. In New York City each ethnic group, for example, has erected store signs, which reflect places and meanings left behind in their countries of origin. Other signs reflect a melted identity that evokes both what was left behind and what was found here. Each individual will associate with these signs a different cultural framework, depending on their national and cultural background. New York City politics also reflects its diversity. New York City experiences a continuous process of ethnic and political incorporation. The Irish, Italians, jews, and Poles, among others, played their ethnic political roles decades ago. Puerto Ricans and African Americans engaged the New York political machinery in the 1960s and 1970s. Today new immigrants also contribute to New York City politics with their own way of practicing politics.