This chapter highlights a number of potential weaknesses with the framework in relation to what the case of Liberia reveals, but also what its particular operating environment, mission phase at the time of the field research, and specific mandate may conceal the settings and possible mandates of UN police (UNPOL) in other UN peace operations. It addresses critiques arising during the field research concerning the focus, approach/methods and practicalities of the framework. A number of interviewees expressed doubts over whether and how the framework could overcome the inertia symptomatic of current Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) practice. Consequently, the framework's design is purposeful to use practical and available information sources that do not jeopardise the safety of participants but need not compromise the rigorous foundations of the findings either. Whilst only one of the data sources/methods proposed in the framework, a number of UNPOL officials highlighted the potential risk and challenges of employing survey-based techniques.