This chapter presents five scales for assessing consumers' dispositions toward brands. These are the brand dependence scale, brand relevance in category (BRiC) scale, branded products scale, the brand engagement in self-concept (BESC) scale, and the brand schematicity scale. The brand dependence and the BRiC scales focus on the role of the brand in purchase-decision situations. Specifically, the brand dependence scale refers to a consumers' tendency to use brand names when making purchase decisions. Similarly, the BRiC scale reflects the perceived importance that brands have in decision making compared to other criteria such as price. The meanings of branded products scale relates to how consumers derive meanings from brands in general. The BESC scale allows researchers to understand the differences across consumers in terms of their tendency to construe their self-concept using their favourite brands. Brand schematicity scale, reflects the general importance that brands have for consumers and how consumers use brand-related information.