Authenticity in the consumption context represents an important topic in the marketing literature and an emergent trend in branding. Brands can be seen as cues that deliver experiences with varying levels of authenticity. Triggering consumers' perceptions of authenticity through brands seems to be relevant nowadays, as there is evidence that consumers favour authentic over inauthentic brands and that brand authenticity is positively related to important outcomes such as, for example, brand trust, brand credibility, brand attitudes and purchase intention. This chapter includes a few scales that propose different approaches to brand authenticity. Bruhn, Schoenmuller, Schafer and Heinrich's brand authenticity scale and Napoli, Dickinson, Beverland and Farrelly's consumer based brand authenticity scale view the phenomenon of brand authenticity from a brand image/brand association's perspective. Their scales allow researchers to get a better understanding of consumers' overall perceptions of the level of authenticity that is attached to brands.