Insomnia is Important Sleep is a significant issue for those with major depressive disorder (MDD). Up to 90 percent of those with MDD complain of insomnia (Kupfer, Reynolds, Ulrich, Shaw, & Coble, 1982; Reynolds & Kupfer, 1987). In community samples, just under half of people with MDD meet criteria for an insomnia diagnosis (Breslau, Roth, Rosenthal, & Andreski, 1996; Stewart et al., 2006). In sleep clinics, the most common insomnia patient seen is one with comorbid MDD (Buysse et al., 1994; Coleman et al., 1982; Edinger et al., 1989; Jacobs, Reynolds, Kupfer, Lovin, & Ehrenpreis, 1988). Additionally, there can be complaints of hypersomnia and sometimes an alternation between hypersomnia and insomnia.