An outline of the 'organics from inorganic' projects approach to skeuomorphs has already been provided and a short overview will be given. Skeuomorphs can exist in many materials, referencing many others. A key feature of holistic approach is to put back some idea of the missing majority, and make it part of people's thinking, and to show that when this approach is applied, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. The study of skeuomorphs both a practical and conceptual act. Skeuomorphs are lookalike objects, showing features resembling the characteristics found in other materials. Wear analysis is increasingly able to show the production of perishable technologies, using evidence from stone, bone and antler tools. This is supplemented by a great deal of experimental evidence which is drawing inspiration from the ethnographic data. Integrating organic and inorganic components of a site, and deploying an augmented idea of the kind of material culture being produced allows for broader interpretive possibilities.