This chapter presents prevalence data on lumbar spine radiographic abnormalities in elite football linemen. Lumbar spine radiographic abnormalities are common in elite American Football linemen. These football players were present at the 1992 and 1993 National Football League (NFL) Combine held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The linemen included the offensive centre, offensive guard, offensive tackle, tight end, defensive nosetackle, defensive tackle, and defensive end. During the 1992 and 1993 NFL Combines, 96" of all football linemen present had at least a lateral lumbar spine radiograph obtained. Of the 238 linemen with a lateral lumbar radiograph, 107 had additional lumbar spine radiographs. This reflects both the nature of the position, the sport and the years these athletes have played football. Although these radiographic abnormalities may be the harbinger of future low-back problems, their presence alone should not exclude the athlete from participation. The lumbar spine radiographs were reviewed by an orthopaedic radiologist.