The first valley of the Hasbany ends a little below Khan. Wady Sheba, a tributary, enters it on the east, crossed by a two-arched bridge. Then the two ranges of hills close in upon the river, which tumbles and foams and hisses between them, a headlong torrent, quite impossible to put a boat upon for several miles. Tell el Kady is situated on the east side of the Hasbany, which runs crooked and out of sight in a ravine, roughly torn rather than cut by its furious waters. But Tell el Kady, besides its claim to attention as being Dan, and farther back old Laish, is the spot where the Jordan issues from the deeps of the earth in a noble spring, said to be the largest single source in the world. The Jordan is said to be the most winding of rivers, but the Pharpar certainly winds more.