The south-west shore bears the name of Mellaha, from the ground being covered with a saline crust. Great additional interest was imparted to the voyage by the fact that the Jordan cannot be followed all the way from its source, and that it eludes the sight by diving into jungle, where it defies all search from the north side as to where its waters roll into the lake of Merom. Pelicans sailed by on the air in solemn silence, and sea-gulls skimmed the edges of scattered isles. But after the myriads of ducks at Hijaneh, and the clouds of pink flamingoes, and swans and pelicans, on Lake Menzaleh, one is “spoiled” for any wonderment at a few hundred birds. Every single part of the boundary was green papyrus—not ragged and straggling, but upright and sharply defined. The papyrus was used for writing upon by the Egyptians, and was prepared for this purpose by cutting it lengthwise into thin slips.