This chapter provides some remarks upon passages of the New Testament where Capernaum is mentioned, under various circumstances to which one can apply the reliable information available as to the contour of the shore, the distances between the several points, the form of the hills, valleys, bays, beaches, and harbours, and the direction of the winds. One passage in Josephus seems to bear upon the site of Capernaum, although with only negative evidence against the claim of Tell Hoom. The name Bethsaida is mentioned in only one Gospel, and being styled “the city called Bethsaida,” (not a city), one might suppose that the Bethsaida on the west of the lake, “the city of Andrew and Peter,” is meant. While deference may be paid to the scholar's opinion that Bethsaida was built on both sides of the Jordan, one may remark that his description of the voyage of the apostles is by no means satisfactory to a sailor.