Gushing waters loudly sound in a deep and winding valley, with poplars at the bottom, and vine-terraces to the top. The houses are all neat-looking, and most of them white in colour, and, as there are no chimneys, and no streets, the appearance of the whole is very peculiar, even to the eye well used to Eastern buildings. The excellent Scotch lady in charge was delighted to receive her visitor, and soon men and women came in from other houses, all evincing by earnest salute how glad they were to see an Englishman; for the place is not often thus visited, being a few miles out of travellers’ paths. Land without water never can be perfect in scenery. The veriest pond on a plain gives new feature like a dimple on a smooth cheek. The lightsome glitter of a lake or a river bend brightens a landscape as a sweet smile plays gladly on the face of a beauty.