Macro-ecological considerations have implications for the multisensory environments (MSE), with trickle-down effects to individuals and settings at the micro-ecological level. Computers can also be used to design the MSE so that the space can be much more multifunctional in nature. Input can be obtained from all transdisciplinary team members, members of the population who are disabled, specialists in industrial psychology, architecture and design the world over. The interface of computing and communications is regarded as the defining characteristic of the information age. Digitalisation of information and global communications has resulted in the Internet and in its populist form, the World Wide Web (WWW). For educators, the WWW has facilitated access to information, for example, about a particular disability type or educational approach. Virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated interactive display which gives a very strong impression of three dimensionality and, being responsive to the user's movements, of being real.