The multisensory environments (MSE) provides extensive opportunity for a wide range of carefully engineered and controlled sensory and motor experiences, thereby potentially aiding the ongoing development and/or maintenance of sensorimotor abilities. Sensory and motor systems are interdependent and together form the sensorimotor system. The sensory system receives and transmits environmental stimuli, from the peripheral sense receptors to the spinal cord to the brain. The somatosensory modality consists of the senses of touch, pain, temperature, proprioception and balance. Ayres developed an influential 'sensory integration theory' to explain the relationship between sensory processing and behaviour. The primary objective of her theory was to explain the underlying causes of sensorimotor learning problems and thereby determine appropriate treatment methods. From the theory came 'sensory integrative therapy', an influential development of relevance to the MSE. The MSE is often cited as a supportive environment for the development of play skills.