This chapter identifies who are most likely to be involved in the multisensory environments (MSE) and outlines a collaborative approach that these individuals could use when working together. The MSE team could be different to the individualised education plan team because it could also include an expert in industrial design. As the challenges of special education have expanded, especially in relation to the increasing complexity of remit, so has desirability for a transdisciplinary interdependence within the special education team. Essentially there are five main types of professional involved in the MSE for a child with disability. They are the special education teacher, the physiotherapist, the occupational therapist, the communication therapist and the industrial design specialist. The most important person to be involved with the MSE is the child. The child's enthusiasm for the MSE is paramount. The MSE is only of value as an educational, therapeutic or recreational tool if there is an ongoing positive endorsement of MSE use.