The lack of a substantial multisensory environments (MSE) research literature base means there is little information available to support the development of curriculum specifically related to the MSE. Curriculum development for the MSE will specifically be for children with learning difficulties. In education the use of the term 'social justice' is attributed to the work of Rawls who argued that justice is built on impartiality. Rawls maintained that in education discrimination against any subgroup of the population, including those with disabilities, is unacceptable because such an educational service is not impartial. The individualised education plan (IEP) approach is now used extensively throughout the western world to organise the delivery of appropriate special education services to school-age children. Outside the broad IEP umbrella there are other programmes to address specific needs at other specific stages of the child's development. Ongoing decision-making processes during MSE use are IEP planning, evaluation and review. Assessment is particularly important in a learning-outcomes-driven curriculum.