On 25 April 2012 Chut Wutty was leading journalists around a section of what he believed to be illegally logged land in the Ratanakiri region of Cambodia. Chut Wutty had been campaigning against the destruction of indigenous forestland at the hands of illegal loggers and state-sanctioned forest clearances ( Independent, 2012). Wutty’s concern for Cambodia’s unspoiled woodlands led him to form the Natural Resource Protection Group. This group is based in the Cambodian capital city Phnom-Penh and lobbies government to provide better protection for its forest resources. In addition to his lobbying work, Wutty and the Natural Resource Protection Group also sought to expose government corruption and the alleged sell-off of Cambodia’s national parks. On 25 April it was reported that Wutty and his party were taking photographs of illegal logging activities (BBC, 2012b). The military police officers who were present asked them to stop taking photographs and attempted to commandeer their camera’s memory card. It was at this point that Wutty became involved in an altercation with a military police officer and was shot and killed ( Independent, 2012).