Charter-parties are signed by both the shipowner and the charterer or their agents.When signed by an agent, it is normal to add the words as agent only.

Abbreviations: c/p Charter-party t/cTime charter v/cVoyage charter

Alternative spellings: Charter party Charterparty

See also: Bareboat charter BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) Chartering Sundry charter-party clauses (found in both voyage and time charters) Sundry time charter-party clauses Sundry voyage charter-party clauses Time charter Voyage charter

Charter-party bills of lading, waybills and cargo receipts A variety of documents arise from the chartering of a ship, commencing with the document containing the contract itself, the charter-party. The type of charter-party and its content depend on whether it is a time charter or voyage charter and the type of commodity to be carried (see Chartering and Charterparty) .