In this era of accountability and emphasis on using interventions that have proven effectiveness, it is important to demonstrate both under controlled conditions and in real-world settings that Strengthening family coping resources (SFCR) works for the families who participate. The evidence supporting SFCR, which is summarized in this chapter, indicates that it is a possibly efficacious intervention. Those providing SFCR in community settings serving a wide variety of families are critical to demonstrating its effectiveness. Many research questions remain regarding SFCR including matters related to feasibility, tolerability, efficacy, effectiveness, and mechanisms of change. Various issues in each area are presented and explored briefly in the chapter. The primary goals of SFCR are to decrease the impact of chronic trauma on identified family members and to increase protective family coping resources. Continued efforts to collect practice-based evidence from the multiple providers offering SFCR remains part of the future research agenda.