Go d w in , e d w a r d w. (1833-1886) FSA, FRIBA English architect, theatrical designer and interior designer. He designed both civic and private buildings, including ‘The White House’ (1879) for Whistler on Tite Street, next door to the house he designed for Oscar and Constance Wilde, the ‘House Beautiful’ (1885). He designed scenery and costumes for the Bancrofts’ production The Merchant o f Venice (Prince of Wales, 1875) in which Ellen Terry, who had borne him two children, played Portia. Godwin and Ellen Terry were partners from 1868 to 1875, and their children were Edith Craig who became an actress, and Edward Gordon Craig who extended his father’s interests in stage design. Godwin founded The Costume Society in 1881 for the promotion of historical accuracy in stage costume design and he also argued fiercely for architectural accuracy in the produc­ tion of plays with historical settings.