This introduction presents an overview of key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book twentieth-century studies depend little on records church baptismal and burial registers, on the hand, many events recorded in the minute books of elected local authorities, in a host of print and picture ephemera. It clear from the list of English and Welsh places mentioned in the two sections the sort of research addresses applied to hamlets, villages or cities. Data recording, storage and handling by microcomputer are not obligatory practices for local historians. It is unavoidable in a book of kind. Stakeholder sought to gives a painless account of IBM clone machines and of the advantages in recording and processing local study data. Stakeholder own route to studying British history via local history. Written History focused on personality's flourished time of the interest, the lives and the influences: kings, generals, and ministers of state, preachers, teachers or perhaps even renowned demagogues.