The language shows clearly in place, church and field names, such Welsh hywel names spreading a little into Shropshire and Herefordshire. The Welsh language has very ancient roots and a rich literature, including histories, prose, poetry and genealogies. Anglo-Norman style manors and lordships created, using the previous local Welsh boundaries. The grass-roots conjunction of the English with the Welsh over the past 250 years has been, above all, a meeting and mixing of two cultures. The Welsh social system means individuals identified the child of a named person, man or woman. Personal descriptive surnames in Wales include the Welsh words for proud, small, red, thin, beautiful and fat and English speaker. It is important not to conclude on tracing the Welsh by means of the hereditary names without discusses, at least briefly, the matter of Cornish names. It is important to clear about the degree of confusion between Welsh and Cornish names.