In this last chapter the diffusion of the organizational structure of government, which is to be found both within enterprises and state bureaucracies, will be taken into consideration so as to explain how the neoliberal mindset had the opportunity to reach the widespread diffusion that can be observed almost everywhere today. The entrenchment of the neoliberal mentality in the concrete practice of government that is carried on within firms and public agencies is to be understood neither as an extension of the logic of the market, nor as an extension of what happens within firms and into the realm of public institutions. The point is that every collective form of life represents itself in those terms that have been articulated by the neoliberal organization theory: the self-understanding of individuals whose action is framed by the organizational discourse is, in fact, largely dependent on the spread of a specific set of assumptions about the meaning and scope of collective actions. Thus, a change in collective mindsets should be preceded by a modification of how the dominant discourse within the theory of organizations represents the institutional construction of human action.