With longer chunks of time devoted to each subject, block schedules can be a catalyst for dassroom innovation. The longer dass period provides opportunities for innovative teachers to blossom and gives those teachers who traditionally use the a direct instructional style encouragement to indude a variety of teaching methods. Block scheduling provides alternative blocks of time but it is what happens in each dassroom that really counts. As stated in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 1989, p. 125),

A variety of instructional methods should be used in dassrooms in order to cultivate students' abilities to investigate, to make sense of, and to construct meanings from new situations; to make and provide arguments for conjectures; and to use a flexible set of strategies to solve problems from both within and outside mathematics. These alternative methods of instruction will require the teacher's role to shift from dispensing information to facilitating learning, from that of director to that of catalyst and coach.