New Words Consider the role of learning new words in your subject: ♦ How many new words will your students encounter in a given day?

week? month? ♦ What are the built-in systems of reinforcing these new words? How

are the words repeated and revisited? ♦ What opportunities do you provide for students to manipulate and

use these new words? The achievement gap is a language gap. The language gap is a vocabulary

gap. This chapter shows you how to differentiate instruction in vocabulary, based on sound pedagogy. We learn vocabulary most effectively when:

♦ New words are repeated, reviewed, revisited. ♦ New words are presented in meaningful contexts. ♦ New words are modeled enthusiastically. ♦ New words are used in various forms. ♦ New words are connected to word families. ♦ Students have opportunities to practice new words.