This chapter presents composite case studies that offer insight about how secondary administrators were successful in instituting, motivating, and sus­ taining differentiated instruction in their schools. They faced the same prob­ lems that you face in your school: funding, reluctance to change, the tyranny of the "Big Test," lack of time, and rigidity in scheduling. They attribute their suc­ cesses to the following:

♦ Long range planning and patience with change: ♦ Cultivating a positive school climate ♦ Effective use of consultants ♦ An attitude of professional encouragement and communication

In the second year of her leadership at McCleary, Meg Whitman set the goal of improving reading performance across the curriculum. She wanted to see kids doing more reading on their own, and she wanted them to know more about how to read academic information that would help them study and re­ tain.