Promiscuous men may be derided as mindless, immature sex addicts, oblivious to the risks of casual sex and incapable of authentic commitment. Those who would consider modeling all gay male cultures on a romanticized version of heterosexual marriage might consider instead a more limited project carving out social space for male couples. A monogamous gay male subculture might be prudent to guard against thinking itself superior to other subcultures, and men committed to monogamy might work to avoid smugness. This chapter presents a number of useful concepts that should serve as building blocks in creating post-AIDS prevention efforts. AIDS work in the early 1980s was initiated within the context of a nascent lesbian and gay health movement. During the mid- and late 1980s, AIDS work was removed from its original position embedded in the gay health field, as it began to produce its own freestanding system. This was understandable because nongay populations were also deeply affected by the epidemic.