This chapter focuses on the art form of drama, how it is used within Dramatherapy and drama education, and how this elucidates argument. According to Jennings, 'the theatre of healing model of dramatherapy builds on the aesthetic experience and makes use of theatrical device and structure in order for participants to find themselves in the larger frame'. In just the same way that each Dramatherapy session needed to be selfcontained so that group members could leave feeling safe within appropriate boundaries, the dramatic structures within drama teaching work had to offer evidence of educational progression. As a Dramatherapist and former drama teacher, Jo Christensen states that drama teachers 'often expect to see over 600 students over the course of a week, only glimpsing each child for one hour in a class of approximately 30'. Drama teachers and Dramatherapists appear to form their views based on bivariate response it is either this or it is that not on a multivariate approach.