This chapter explores the connections, similarities and differences between anthropology, drama and Dramatherapy. If ritual is about dealing with the problematic and the difficult in a safe and protective way, it could be argued, perhaps, that it has similar language and philosophy to drama and in particular Dramatherapy. The chapter discusses that people generally assume that drama derives from 'Dionysiac ritual and Christian theatre' and that it is almost impossible for modern thinkers to completely and fully escape from perspective that ancient rituals follow a linear path to drama and theatre. One of Britain's leading Dramatherapists has specific interest in making anthropological connections with Dramatherapy. Not surprisingly there has always been a relationship between anthropology and Dramatherapy in the UK; anthropology was a core subject area in my Dramatherapy training at the University of Hertfordshire. There is also strong emphasis on 'ritual approach' within Dramatherapy in the Sesame training at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.