This chapter examines the concepts of theatre and therapy in relation to drama and education, and acknowledges the place that political action plays within and around each discipline. It examines the inter-disciplinary approaches from theatre and drama that impact upon Dramatherapy. The chapter looks at theatre practitioners who have influenced the development of Dramatherapy, principally the work of Aristotle, Stanislavski, Brecht and Boal; and considered that political contexts and actions exist betwixt and between both professions as well as within them. Stanislavski appears to play an important pivotal role for Dramatherapists; Valante and Fontana chose the fourth most important people from a list of 18 in hierarchy when thinking about authorities relevant to the understanding of Dramatherapy. The chapter have suggested that the discussion is not an either/or but a both/and debate, and acknowledge the ongoing inter-disciplinary dialogue between the fields of theatre, education, applied theatres and Dramatherapy.