This chapter explores the importance of both drama and therapy and the way in which they have impacted on the founders of Dramatherapy in the UK. The growth of Dramatherapy is not linear but evolved from a combination of interconnected disciplines, which were themselves developing prior to and during the early part of the twentieth century. This includes the development of psychiatry and psychology, in particular psychotherapy and psychoanalysis through Freud and Jung; followed by the growth of psychodrama through Moreno, and the advances of child and educational drama through Slade. More recently, drama in 'special education' and the work of pioneers such as Sue Jennings and later Phil Jones, has led to a fully comprehensive twenty-first-century discussion of Dramatherapy in the UK. The chapter discusses the influences on Dramatherapy training in North America, using examples from two experienced Dramatherapists, Andrew Gaines from New York and Jason D.