We know from the second postscript to the Hokyo-ki2 that Giun (1253-1333) saw Ejo's copy of the journal at Hokyo-ji, in the Province of Echizen, in the first year of Shoan (1299). Since Giun was the successor of Jakuen (1207-99), the first abbot of Hokyoji and a disciple of Ejo, Ejo's copy of Hokyo-ki was probably transmitted from Eihei-ji to Hokyo-ji. Although Giun had permis-

sion from Jakuen to see the journal, he did not actually see it until after his master's death. In the third year of Showa (1314), Giun was sent to Eihei-ji, where he rebuilt the decaying buildings of the monastery and completed the copying of Shobogenzd. It is not known, however, whether he brought the Hokyo-ki back to Eihei-ji at that time or not.