The texts of the Ganitatilaka (GT) and its commentary by Simhatilakasuri (SGT) were published in 1937 in Gaekwad’s Oriental Series with an introduction and appendices by Hiralal Rasikdas Kapadia. He was clearly aware of the contributions to the history of mathematics by scholars of his time; he names, among others, Datta, Kaye, Thibaut, and Weber. Although the publication by Kapadia is poorly edited, much of the difficulty in working on the two Sanskrit texts is related to the absence of witnesses. One of the main problems of Kapadia’s edition concerns its unclear editorial techniques. As it is common for South Asian manuscripts, the texts of the GT and the SGT are likely to have been copied a number of times in their transmission and therefore to contain a relatively abundant distribution of errors. Nevertheless, the transmitted manuscript represents a textual tradition — as there may have existed not only one — by which the GT and SGT were handed down.