In the mangalacarana, which reveals that Simhatilakasuri belonged to the medieval tantric tradition of Jainism, the commentator offers respect to his spiritual lineage. In the introductory line to the paribhasa, Simhatilakasuri defines the GT as a ganitasastra or a “treatise on mathematics”; in the benedictory section the sutrakara Sripati refers to his own work by the expression ganitasya pati. Simhatilakasuri provides equivalents to the terms denoting notational places used by Sripati; each notational place is expressed by the commentator both in words and in figures, by this expository technique he demonstrates that this numeration works, in fact, “via the increase in zeros”. While explaining svapaksa, Simhatilakasuri displays a rich terminology which embodies key-concepts essential not only to understanding the rule of addition but to entirely grasp the commentator’s lexicon. Simhatilakasuri glosses vislesa with pata (both meaning “deduction”) and refers again to “fractions” by both the term bhinna and the compound rupakhanda.