The Nexus stress is limiting economic development, business growth and social well-being. As the Indian agricultural scientist M. S. Swaminathan stated, “If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right". The economic effects of the Nexus are also depicted in the United States. Specifically, California is influencing business growth and stakeholder relations. In order to encourage innovation to decrease water-related risk and cultivate opportunity, corporations must consider the Nexus when addressing business and economic growth and social prosperity. There are a multitude of opportunities and risk-mitigating factors related to collective action. The Nexus is a “wicked problem”; it can not be solved alone – multiple stakeholders must engage to address complex Nexus challenges. Various stakeholders include local communities, government officials, non-governmental organizations, regulators, investors, customers, suppliers, and competitors, as long as the discussion is based on water use and management for organizations.