Explanation of The Farley Conundrum in terms of the expanded theory of teachable moments saves the principle of spontaneity; but its rescue relies on admitting into the discussion more than one kind of teachable moment. The energy with which teachable moments enhance learning provides, as it were, an affective hook on which students may hang academic material. Susan Avery succinctly summarizes the situation noting that teachable moments are typically perceived to be spontaneous as to their origin, dependent for their success on the needs and readiness of students, and serendipitous as to their outcomes. Music teacher Mark Turner, despite a disclaimer that teachable moments seem unpredictable and improvisational in nature, claims that teachable moments emerge from well-planned, child-centered lessons. Expansion of the possible meanings of "teachable moment" is most easily accomplished by realizing that the characteristics traditionally attributed to teachable moments, namely spontaneity and curricular independence, are not absolute properties.